Granite for Vaughan Homeowners: Strength in Décor.

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granite vaughanWhether buying a new home, or renovating an existing one, a classic and sharp appearance usually involves granite. From floor tiles, to countertops for the bathroom or kitchen, granite is a stylish material that is durable and available in many different colours and patterns. Granite is easy to care for and maintain, as it is the least porous of the stone types used in home decoration and renovation. This makes it perfect for high traffic walk ways and countertops used for cooking.
Vaughan is one of Ontario's fastest growing communities, with new custom-designed homes built every day. Choosing a local granite fabricator for home renovations, or new home developments saves time and adds value to the home. There are many reasons to consider granite and local granite fabricators for the job at hand.
Choosing the Right Granite for the Job
Typically granite is reddish-pink or grey, although exotic granite is becoming more popular as it offers different colours, patterns and striations that traditional granite does not. It is second in strength to marble, and considerably more affordable. The appearance of the traditional classic granite stone is granular in appearance – this differs from the swirling patterns trapped inside marble stone. It is found in the earth's crust and is formed by pressure and gasses that get trapped in the granite stone under ground.
There are two ways to purchase granite for the home, through a slab or tiles. Slabs of granite are more popular for countertops, where as tiles are used for flooring or walls. The beauty of granite is that no two slabs or tiles are the same, so beautiful patterns created naturally will lend a very unique and individual décor to an individual's home.
Selecting a granite pattern takes time and consideration. While samples in a professional showroom will offer you an idea of what the final product will look like – take into consideration that patterns and striations will be similar but not exact as no two slabs can be replicated. Tones and colours will change. The process for selecting the right granite will involve a professional assisting in the decision. Measurements will need to be taken and presented to the retailer and pricing discussed. Will slab be the best for renovation needs, or will tiles be the better choice? Depending on what area of the home is getting the granite upgrade, a professional will be able to offer different options based on the client's needs.
Countertop Considerations
If choosing granite for countertop replacement, there are several considerations to make. The first of course is always price. Most companies offer free in-home estimates. It is important to find the best quality for the best value. The biggest impact quality can have is on the structural integrity of the stone slab. As a natural stone, granite can have some imperfections – take time to examine the stone and choose the slab yourself. Also important to note – the sample you see in the showroom will not look like the final product.
If the counter will have a sink installed into the stone, consider pricing on sink type and the additional cuts that will have to be made into the granite. Undermount sinks for example require additional cuts and will be more expensive than traditional sinks. A tip is to purchase the sink before the counter as most fabricators require this before fabricating and installing.
The thickness of the countertop will also be a consideration to make. According to most fabricating companies, countertops are typically referred to a ¾ to 1 inch thickness. Any thicker than this are more expensive to buy, but do offer a higher rate of durability and strength.
Lastly, you'll want to consider the edges the countertop will have. For an additional cost, the fabricator can custom-design an edge if the standard half bull-nose or bevel is not suitable. Perhaps the counter's edges should match another design or molding in the home – take photos and discuss this with the fabricator ahead of time.
With so many options in the Greater Toronto Area, it is hard to find a place to start. When researching and comparing granite fabricators, consider those with quick and efficient delivery times, as well as offering the best selection of granite types, (exotic included,) for the best prices. Choosing granite for home decoration adds a decorative twist backed with the strength of nature.